Not only do I enjoy carving stone, I love to climb it as well. 

transforming stone

Member of:

American Women Artists

International Sculptors

New England Sculptor Association

Concord Art

Cambridge Art Association

I ponder. I create. I design. I dream.

In my hands, the rigid material of stone comes to life and forms fluid, organic shapes that dance with energy. To create curves and openings in a solid mass, challenging the stone to survive thin and delicate expanses, seems contrary to the medium. Self taught, I began sculpting as a means to quiet the chaotic external world.

My current body of work is a tapestry of my journey as a sculptor.  Abstraction, nature and figurative realms are the inspiration. I want the viewer to see the weaving of these 3 elements in my work. 

The spiraling crevices of a seashell, the curling petals of a calla lily, and the subtle contour where hip meets waist are all forms present in my sculpture. Walking around each piece, one can find the balance between hard and soft, nature and construction, and the peace in which the sculpture was created.  I hope that in experiencing these pieces, this feeling will be passed on to the viewer.